MuayThai Kickboxing

Muay Thai is known as the art of eight limbs. This is because the  hands, elbows, shins and  knees are used in this  sport. It is known for its cardiovascular training. Muay Thai is all about hard work, techincal training and conditioning.

TMAC Thai Kickboxing is special because it’s an ever evolving System. I’ve had many direct Instructors and also have trained with other high level instructors in seminars and workshops.

Our 2 systems :

TMAC Kickboxing: Is Made from 2 Major Arts –  Boxing, Muay Thai kickboxing.

GAMMA Muay Thai : Is the style made famous at the gamma gym from Montreal, influnced from Many styles of Muay Thai it  has the best techniques from punching, elbows, knees, kicks and clinching. Formed from dutch style (Chakuriki) and Thai Style(TBA)

TMAC Base Muay Thai Classes:

– These classes focus on foundation techniques, each class has a theme to it. this way you get to learn individual skills.

TMAC “All Levels” Muay Thai Classes: 

– In all level classes  at times work as a group on combinations or conditioning and at other times break into groups to work curriculum  skills.

TMAC “Advanced” Muay Thai Classes: 

– the hardest classes we offer, conditioning and training are much more intense, We also do technical training which includes Levels 2 to 5 techniques.


Ranks we use for TMACs Muay Thai Program. 

1- White (Foundation)- Learn the core techniques and learning to hold pads correctly – Need to pass this level before attending other classes.

2- Green – Level 1 – “serious student” has good foundation and is ready for move advanced training.

3- Purple – Level 2 – TMAC / GAMMA Skills

4- Brown – Level 3 – TMAC / GAMMA Skills – Advanced. Student has a very high level of skill!

5- Brown/Black – Level 4 – TMAC / GAMMA Skills

6- Black -Level 5 – Instructor Rank.

7- Red/Black – Level 6 – Trainer  Rank.







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